New Offers

This week, we’ve curated a selection of new add-ons across three categories—Sweepstakes, Dating, and Utilities. These offers come with minimal restrictions on the types of traffic allowed, but are limited by available caps, so we recommend contacting your manager as soon as possible to be among the first to receive approval:

[MOB+WEB] CB – Blank v7 /BR – CC Submit $4 [FB pixel via url] |No Pop, No funnels|

Offer ID: 22210
Payout: €9.60

[MOB+WEB] Win Estée Lauder Makeup set /CA – SOI

Offer ID: 22160
Payout: $1.75

[iOS] Private VPN Proxy – Easy Start /UK – CPI

Offer ID: 22126
Payout: $1.20

[MOB] FlirtiWiecej /PL – DOI M25+

Offer ID: 22177
Payout: €0.95

[MOB] FlirtenX /DE – SOI 30+

Offer ID: 22133
Payout: $2.10

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