Top Sweepstake Offer for US

Sweepstakes most often take the highest positions in our top. And today we’d like to introduce one of those top offers – [MOB+WEB] S&P – iPhone 11 Pro SOI/US with $2.45 payout.

As seen in the title, iPhone 11 Pro for US is being drawn in the offer, and both mobile and desktop traffic is accepted. The flow is SOI (Single Opt-in), which means that to convert the user needs to enter email and no confirmation is needed.

Let’s take a closer look at this offer. The first thing that is offered to user is to answer three simple questions by selecting one of the proposed options.

After this the user is offered to enter their email:

And… That’s it 🙂 You get the conversion right after the user enters email.

Regarding accepted types of traffic, it’s possible to use almost all of them. Exceptions are: spam, fraud, bot, incent, adult and content locking, as well as pop-up/pop-under from the selected ad networks.

Among accepted types of traffic, we’d like to highlight Push Notifications, which are chosen by many of our affiliates to run this offer with. The example of creo that can be used:

For Sweepstakes category in general and for this offer in particular, it is highly recommended to use prelandings – they pique users’ interest and significantly increase conversion rates. One of the most popular prelandings is spinner:

This type of prelanding isn’t the only one that you can use for this offer and which delivers good results. However, it’s recommended to use simpler prelandings in order not to bore users with additional actions as the user will need to answer questions in the offer.

To sum up, it should be noted that Sweepstakes have a big variety of themes, GEOs and flows. If you never ran offers from this category before, then SOI is exactly what you need to start with. Even experienced media buyers often give it a preference over other flows because of its simple registration and, as a result, a higher CR.

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