Top UK Offers

This week we continue to talk about our main GEOs and today on the agenda is Great Britain.

There are a lot of publishers working with UK traffic and enjoying the diversity of offers and payments. In Adtrafico you can find offers for UK traffic is a variety of niches.

1. [MOB+WEB] NCC – Amazon £1000 SOI /UK

Payout: $2.40

Amazon gift card offers are topical worldwide and the UK is no exception.

2. [MOB+WEB] NCC – Samsung Galaxy S10+ SOI /UK

Payout: $2.45

Sweeps remain one of the most interesting categories for monetizing traffic and gadgets are a great performing niche.

3. [MOB+WEB] iPhone 11 PRO SOI /UK

Payout: $1.90

This offer was the top of our Sweepstakes category at the time of the iPhone 11 release. It’s still performing with excellent results.

4. [MOB+WEB] NCC – Zara £500 SOI /UK

Payout: $2.40

Zara is a household name and an empire rivalling storied fashion and home goods companies. Many in the UK are happy to try their luck at a £500 Zara gift card.

5. [MOB+WEB] SB – Coop SOI /UK

Payout: €1.80

Coop is a top grocery chain in the UK. Everybody needs to eat, so publishers have a captive audience on this one.

6. [MOB] Shag Slags DOI /UK

Payout: $3.20

Shag Slags. Do we need to say more? Push traffic is not allowed but with a name like Shag Slags and a beautiful landing page to match, you probably aren’t going to need it.

7. [MOB+WEB] LocalSexts SOI /UK

Payout: $2.80

LocalSext is an 18+ dating service built on an SOI conversion model. All you need is an email address to convert.

If you’re working with UK traffic we invite you to try these highly profitable offers.

[Image: u0EC1KW.png]

To entice you to give us a try we’re offering a 10% payout bonus on your first payout with UK traffic. The code to use is UK10.

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