Top Sweepstake Offer for DE

We continue our introduction to you of our best top offers and today it is time for [MOB+WEB] Amazon 1000 € SOI /DE with payout €2.30.

It’s no surprise that this offer is so popular, because first of all there are a lot of people who want to win a €1000 Amazon voucher, and secondly, it is easy to complete. The SOI flow means that users only need to complete a simple questionnaire and leave their email in the form:

Almost all types of non-incentive traffic for mobile devices and desktop are acceptable for this offer. But just like the last time we decided to focus on Push Notifications, as this type of traffic is the most popular for this offer. Let’s look at an example of effective creo:

This example isn’t the only one that shows great results. Don’t forget that CTR is very important for push traffic, that’s why we recommend trying different creos and prelanders. Test your variants, choose the best ones and maybe your bundle will show the highest results.

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