Top Mobile Billing Offer for CZ

Today we would like to tell you about one of our top offers – [MOB] MA – iPhone 12 PRO Max IVR /CZ from Mobile Billing category. The main feature of this category is the type of target action – the lead is made with the usage of a mobile phone account. Flow for this exact offer – IVR or Interactive Voice Response. In simple terms, for conversion the user must call a certain short number and start answering questions. The offer works for all types of internet connections, whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile internet of any Czech operator. And this makes the targeting pretty simple – any user with a mobile device on any OS will be a potential lead.

Lets take a more detailed look at how the offer works:

1) The user gets to the landing page, where he is invited to participate in the draw:

2) The next step is a quiz consisting of 3 questions, each of which has answer options, and this greatly simplifies the passage of the quiz:



3) After answering all the questions, the user goes to the last page, where he needs to click on the button and make a call:

The convenience of the offer is that the user does not need to dial any number – the call will be made automatically by clicking on the corresponding button. As soon as the call is made, you get the lead.

Despite the simple flow, the initial payout on the offer is quite pleasant – 2.80€. Before the traffic check you get a cap of 100 leads/daily. The offer works well with different types of media buy traffic and currently shows an average CR of 3.1% and an EPC of $0.10, which makes it attractive for both experienced and novice media buyers.

And now it’s time for the tests :)🙂
See you in Adtrafico!

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