Top FR Offers


Some say that it’s impossible not to fall in love with France. Others dream about swimming in the Côte d’Azur, visiting Cannes film festival or enjoying views of Paris from the Eiffel tower. To make these dreams come true you can earn with our top FR offers in the Dating and Sweepstakes categories:

1. [MOB+WEB] SP – Samsung Galaxy S10 /FR

Payout: $32.00

[Image: mSjnWyz.png]

2. [MOB+WEB] Quiztionnaire – iPhone 11 SOI /FR

Payout: $0.90

[Image: rqUIV0V.png]

3. [MOB+WEB] SB – Lidl SOI /FR

Payout: $1.45

[Image: nT8P7g5.png]

4. [MOB+WEB] SB – Amazon SOI /FR

Payout: $1.45

[Image: 2V2o7q1.png]

5. [MOB+WEB] Conso Avenue Supermarche Discount SOI /FR

Payout: €0.70

[Image: CAU8tc9.png]

6. [MOB+WEB] Snap Vite SOI /FR

Payout:  €1.60

[Image: 9Tucz3M.png]

7. [MOB] TheFuckList SOI /FR

Payout: $1.90

[Image: i2v4EIi.png]

[Image: jLZVm4s.png]

Say FR10 to your manager and 10% bonus to the first payment for French offers is yours.

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