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Let’s continue our world tour of the best GEOs; today we’ll present our finest German offers. With high payouts a large population and a thriving economy Germany is one of the most popular countries to work with.

1. [MOB+WEB] SB – iPhone 11 PRO SOI /DE

Payout: $3.20

This offer is still a top performing property weeks after the iPhone 11 release.

2. [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S10 SOI /DE

Payout: €2.00

Second to Apple, Samsung is the most used phone in Germany. Take advantage of a passionate user base with this opportunity.

3. [MOB+WEB] Media Markt 500€ SOI /DE

Payout: €2.00

MediaMarkt is a German one stop technology shop. Whatever your target niche is dreaming of, it can probably be found at MediaMarkt. Entice them with a 500€ gift card.

4. [MOB+WEB] Amazon €1000 IVR /DE

Payout: $4.40

We’ve said enough about Amazon. This offer is attractive because of its flow – IVR, which is still not that common on the market, but already popular among our partners.

5. [MOB] Mega.Date SOI /DE

Payout: €1.95

Many affiliates prefer to choose Dating as main vertical for German traffic. Popular dating service Mega.Date is showing great results with many types of traffic, which is why this offer stays in positioned high among our list of offers for a long time now.

6. [WEB] FlirtDate18 SOI /DE

Payout: €2.70

One more German classic among Dating offers – FlirtDate with SOI flow for desktop traffic.

7. [MOB] WildSpank SOI /DE

Payout: $3.60

The dating service WildSpank is the last in our DE top for today (but not the last in general). Good quality traffic, great landing pages and high conversion rates – what else do you need for successful ad campaign!

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As a bonus we’re offering +10% to your first payment for all German offers. Just say DE10 to your manager and this 10% bonus is yours.

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