Top Dating Offer for FR

Some say that French is the language of love. And this might be the reason why France takes the leading position in Dating category.

Last week we’ve already published the Top 5 FR Dating offers and have decided to take a closer look at one of them – Extalove with €1.30 payout for both mobile and desktop traffic. The offer works with the Single Opt In (SOI) model. It’s a very common and easy flow, as all the user needs to do is to complete a simple registration:

There is no need for the email confirmation, once the user fills in all the fields and sends the form, you receive a lead.

This offer accepts most of the popular traffic types without any additional conditions. The only exception is with pop traffic – to work with it, it’s necessary to use a prelanding. However, there is no specific requirements to it so it’s suitable to use a one-page prelanding or a prelanding with the preliminary questions:

Despite the fact that with other types of traffic there are no such requirements, we recommend to do split-tests because a properly selected and unique prelanding can significantly affect the performance.
Currently an average CR for this offer is 11.4% and the average EPC is $0.17.

We can’t wait to see your testing endeavors 🙂


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