Top Dating Offer for DE

Last year [MOB] 18.Dating SOI /DE with a payout of €1.95 became one of the most popular offers among the Dating category.

It’s a typical SOI offer with several questions and a field to enter an email. There are a lot of different landing pages for this offer, today we’d like to show you the mainstream one.

To create unique users’ flow and to build up the audience’s suspense for Dating offers, as well for Sweepstakes, it is recommended to use prelandings.
One of the possible variants:

Speaking of traffic types, push notifications and applications are widely used to run this offer. Focusing on push, even typical creatives are showing good results, for example:

With a properly chosen approach this offer shows great CR, and with the examples provided above you can build your own unique bundle that will work for your traffic. If you don’t have your own prelandings, our managers will be happy to provide you with some examples of templates, as well with samples of push creatives, to make the start-up process easier.

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