Top CZ Offers


What first comes to mind when you think about the Czech Republic? Beer and Gothic architecture? It’s the same for us! But then we remember how many CZ offers we have, so let’s talk about them.

1. [MOB+WEB] SS – Skoda /CZ

Payout: $17.00

We decided to start our list with one of the most popular Czech brands – Skoda! A high payout rate makes this offer a real boon for people who know how to work with CC Submit flow.

2. [MOB+WEB] Paypal SOI /CZ

Payout: $1.20

This one is attractive to users because of the chance to win 30K CZK, it’s attractive to affiliates because of the easy SOI model and good conversion rate.

3. [MOB+WEB] SS – Samsung Galaxy S10 /CZ

Payout: $17.00

The irreplaceable element of every hitlist. It’s interesting because of its payout. The high payout is due to the flow, to participate in the prize draw the user needs to enter his credit card.

4. [MOB] iPhone 11 PRO IVR /CZ

Payout: $4.00

We have already told you about IVR and don’t want to bore you with the features once again. It’s significant that in the Czech Republic this offer has one of the best results.

5. [MOB] Flirt SOI /CZ

Payout: $1.45

Veteran in adult dating, often takes a place in our top list. The Czech version isn’t any different.

6. [MOB] Singles50 SOI 40+ /CZ

Payout: €4.80

Mainstream dating Singles50 is focused on a narrower audience, that doesn’t make it less profitable. The right targeting choice guarantees high EPC.

7. [MOB] Gaystryst SOI /CZ

Payout: $1.60

Gay dating is as relevant as hetero dating today. Gaystryst is a leader among offers in this category.

[Image: EDTS6It.png]

When reviewing these offers, please don’t forget about your payout bonus: We pay +10% on your payout from CZ offers. Say the code word CZ10 to your AM and the bonus is yours.

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