Top CA Sweepstakes Offer

The population of Canada is 37 million people. Paypal has more than 200 million registered users. Can these two facts be related? Of course, because they help to understand why the Sweepstakes offer [MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant – PayPal $750 SOI /CA is in the leading position of our top with an average CR of 13.1%, which allows you to get an EPC of $0.31 with a default payout of $2.40.

Let’s take a look at the landing page and see what it takes to get the lead. All is quite simple here – at the first step the user is asked to complete three questions by selecting the answer from the suggested ones, and then enter their e-mail:

Clicking on the Continue button finishes the registration process, and you get a conversion. Simple, isn’t it?

And if you factor in that almost any traffic is allowed on the offer (excluding spam, fraud, bot, incentive, content locking and adult), then it becomes clear why our partners choose it to work with Canadian traffic.

We will be waiting for your tests with!

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