RichAds Bonus

Looking for a solid advertising network? Then RichAds is definitely what you need, because in there you will find a high-quality push traffic with the possibilities of automated optimization and experts’ help. Specifically:

  • Premium sources with 250% higher CR;
  • New formats: Calendar push for iOS available;
  • Huge amounts of traffic available for more than 200 geo;
  • Fast and loyal moderation;
  • Personal ad experts (insights and creatives provided);
  • Auto CPA campaigns optimization.

Besides all this, RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore, a world leader on detecting internet threats!

And that’s not all:

Adtrafico partners can get a welcome bonus of +10% to the first deposit. Register on the RichAds platform, use the promo code ADTRAFICO and launch your first campaign today!


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