Push notifications with Amazon Gift Card Germany Case

How can a media buyer effectively run Sweepstakes in 2023? We’ll show an example of a case from our partner. The publisher found a good combination and got $403.80 profit for 8 days of the tests.

Advertisers bundle

In the case, we will show the results of a SOI offer with an Amazon Gift Card.

Affiliate network: Adtrafico
Offer: [MOB+WEB] CJ – Amazon voucher 750 € SOI /DE
GEO: Germany
Traffic source: TacoLoco (push)
Payment model: CPC – $0,05003
Period: 06.05.2023 – 13.05.2023
Flow: Single Opt-in
Payout: 3,30 €
Tracker: Binom
Income: $2 616.60
Expenses: $2 212.90
Profit: $403.80
ROI: 18.25%

About the offer

Amazon Gift Cards are certificates from the eCommerce giant that can be used to fund a personal account in an online store. When you enter a unique digital gift card code, an amount equal to the value of the card will be credited to your account.

The landing page looks like this:

Choosing an ad network

Traffic was purchased from Tacolo.co. For the test the webmaster has chosen classic push notifications.

Advertising campaign settings

Traffic from push notifications was purchased at a CPC of $0.05, which is slightly lower than the recommended bid for such parameters. Targeted by users of mobile devices with any operating system.

At the start the following creatives were tested:


This one showed the best results:

The following options were chosen as prelandings:


According to the results of the first tests, only one was left:

For 8 days of the tests, the following results were obtained:

And that’s what happened in Adtrafico:

In total $2,212.90 was spent on buying traffic and 720 conversions were received, which brought $2,616.60. The campaign brought $403.80 and an ROI of 18.25% over the 8 days of the tests.

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