New Checkout Page Offers

Among the new add-ons of this week, we recommend paying attention to the [MOB+WEB] CI – Checkout Page offers. Like the classic Blank Page, the data entry form opens directly on the landing, but the main difference is that you can customize the page for each user by adding the product name and image, making the landing look more personalized and increasing the conversion rate.

New Offers

This week we at Adtrafico have been working on expanding four categories at once – Sweepstakes, Dating, Loans, and Installs. Whatever traffic and vertical you are working with, you will definitely find an offer that suits you among these new add-ons.

New Dating Smartlink

An excellent add-on in Adtrafico – Harem CPL Dating-Smartlink. The main advantage is that the offer accepts all GEOs without exception and with decent rates. It also has built-in pre-landings, so you don’t have to worry about preparing your own!

New Dating Offers

This week we dedicate to the new offers from the Dating category. They will please not only with excellent payouts but also with availability for a variety of traffic types, from push to email.

New Sweepstakes Offers

This week we advise you to pay attention to CC Submit offers from the Sweepstakes category – G33K iPhone 14 PRO, accepting both mobile and desktop traffic. Especially we recommend the following GEOs for tests.