New Sweepstakes Offers

CC Submit offers from the Sweepstakes category are an excellent solution for different traffic types, particularly for Facebook and TikTok. This is due to their straightforward process where users only need to provide their card details and confirm a debit of just $2-3 or its equivalent in foreign currency. These offers come with high payouts, and the variety of products allows you to select an option that suits any audience or bundle. See for yourself:

• [MOB+WEB] SM – Apple Mystery Box CC /JP, Payout: €16.00

• [MOB+WEB] Open Checkout v2 CC /US, Payout: $25.60

• [MOB+WEB] Pallet Of Goods v2 CC /FR, Payout: $28.00

• [MOB+WEB] CI – Shell Giftcard CC /LU, Payout: €49.60

• [MOB+WEB] CG – Walmart CC /CA, Payout: $24.00

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