New Sweepstakes Offers

It can be pretty pleasant to go shopping on weekends. And it’s much more pleasant if there is a gift card of your favourite shop with you 🙂 And of course everyone would love to get it just by filling out the form! This is why our new Sweepstakes are the best option for different types of traffic:

• [MOB+WEB] NectarContests – Supermarket Giftcard $500 SOI /ES, Payout: $0.80

• [MOB+WEB] Nemlig (Online Supermarket) SOI /DK, Payout: €3.25

• [MOB+WEB] Coop 10 000 Kr SOI /SE, Payout: €2.80

• [MOB+WEB] Aldi 150€ SOI /FR, Payout: €0.47

• [MOB+WEB] Lidl SOI /IT, Payout: €0.65

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