New Sweepstakes Offers

New offers from the Sweepstakes category are inspiring! Just take a look at the payouts and variety of products, add to this the acceptance of most types of traffic, and you are sure to start testing them as soon as possible:

[MOB+WEB] Rewards Giant – Aldi ₤1000 Spring SOI /UK, Payout: $2.80

[MOB+WEB] CF – Karambit Knives Box /AR, Payout: $2.40

[MOB+WEB] CI – Shein Exclusive /FR, Payout: €20.00

[MOB+WEB] CI – Checkout Page /NZ, Payout: €32.00

[MOB+WEB] CI – YETI Hooper /US, Payout: €24.80

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