New Sweepstakes Offers

For those who have a sweet tooth craving, our new add-ons this week will surely hit the spot, as these are Sweepstakes offers with a drawing of gift sets for Cadbury, Nutella and more:

[MOB+WEB] Quiztionnaire – Kinder SOI /NZ, Payout: $0.80

[MOB+WEB] Marabou Assortiment SOI /SE, Payout: €2.40

[MOB+WEB] SX – M&M Hazelnut SOI /UK, Payout: €1.60

[MOB+WEB] SB – Kitkat Pops SOI /ES, Payout: $0.95

[MOB+WEB] Nutella SOI /AU, Payout: $2.95

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