New Offers

This week, we at Adtrafico have prepared offers for you not only from our well-known Sweepstakes and Mobile Billing categories but also added the new Health/Beauty and Cams verticals. Please welcome:

[MOB+WEB] Drachen /US/CA/AT/AU/BE/CH/DE/DK/ES/FI/FR/UK/IT/LU/NL/NO/SE/SG, Payout: $80.00

[MOB+WEB] Ebike + Supermarket Vaucher SOI /DE, Payout: €3.20

[MOB+WEB] Dermalisium SS /DE, Payout: $50.00

[MOB] Cam-Finder SOI /AT/CH, Payout: €2.15

[MOB] Stripchat DOI/ US, Payout: $1.60

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