New Lotto Vertical

Introducing the new addition to Adtrafico – Lotto category! Despite the similarity to CC Submits from the Sweepstakes vertical, the special feature of the lotto offers is that the user is offered participation in world-known lotteries on a permanent basis with an option to win different prizes. For example:

[MOB+WEB] SH – Lotto Bills Design /NZ, Payout: $28.00

[MOB+WEB] SH – Lotto Mini Cooper /AU, Payout: $20.00

[MOB+WEB] SH – Lotto Electronics /AТ, Payout: $28.00

[MOB+WEB] SH – Lotto Audi A1 /DK, Payout: $28.00

[MOB+WEB] SH – Lotto Tesla /CA, Payout: $28.00

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