New iPhone 12 Pro Trial Offers

Sweepstakes category works with the three main flows – SOI, DOI and CC Submit. The last one has the highest payouts among all, but because of the complicated flow, media buyers are usually apprehensive to work with them. For those, who want to start working with CC Submit offers but haven’t decided yet, we have added lightweight version – iPhone 12 Pro offers which convert without a reference to withdrawing money from the card. How does it work? Users complete a simple registration form and enter their credit card details, send the form and… that’s it! It doesn’t matter if the payment was successful, you will get the lead anyway. Let’s agree, it’s a perfect way to take a closer look at CC Submit offers and learn how to work with them. As a pleasant bonus for all the geos you get $4.80 payout.

Countries available:

[Image: NrRCvdo.png] Czech Republic
[Image: HXSEFME.png] Germany
[Image: hbgMqmw.png] Hungary
[Image: Emfqn7N.png] Cyprus
[Image: eichIps.png] France

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