New Halloween Offers

The popular Halloween tradition of “trick or treat” has turned up a notch with our new Sweepstakes offers: there is no need to go out anymore! Just fill out a simple form to take part in the prize drawing, all without leaving the house. Sweets won’t be the only thing you will be winning:

• [MOB+WEB] Caramelos de Halloween Gratis SOI /MX, Payout: $0.24

• [MOB+WEB] Fortnite Halloween Pin submit /TH [AIS], Payout: $2.20

• [MOB+WEB] SP – Panda iPhone 12 Halloween /FR, Payout: $33.60

• [MOB+WEB] SB – Walibi Fright night SOI /NL, Payout: $2.80

• [MOB+WEB] IGA Voucher $200 SOI /AU, Payout: $2.65

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