New Easter Sweepstakes Offers

This Sunday, many people around the world will be celebrating Catholic Easter. This is why we are happy to share a new special Sweepstakes offer dedicated to this holiday: [MOB+WEB] SP – G&B Organic Easter Egg Basket – CC Submit €3 [FB/TT pixel via URL], available for the following GEOs:

 Switzerland, Offer ID: 21755, Payout: $43.20

 Germany, Offer ID: 21751, Payout: $32.80

 Austria, Offer ID: 21751, Payout: $32.80

 Belgium, Offer ID: 21753, Payout: $30.40

 Australia, Offer ID: 21752, Payout: $26.40

 Canada, Offer ID: 21754, Payout: $21.60

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