New Blank Page Offers

New and updated Blank Page offers from the Sweepstakes category are already waiting for you in Adtrafico! And although you may have seen some of these landing pages before, they now feature new characteristics – for some, the cost to the client has been increased; for others, pre-fills or new GEOs have been added:

• [MOB+WEB] CI – Checkout Page /UK – CC Submit 9.99£ [FB/TT pixel via url] Modifiable LP, Offer ID: 21993, Payout: €22.40

• [MOB+WEB] CB – Blank v7 /ES – CC Submit €9.95 [FB pixel via url] |No Pop, No funnels|, Offer ID: 21975, Payout: €20.00

• [MOB+WEB] CI – Logo Special flow /BE – CC Submit 19.99€ [FB/TT pixel via url], Offer ID: 21962, Payout: €64.00

• [MOB+WEB] DW – Stripe /FR – CC Submit €6.95 [FB pixel via url] Modifiable LP, Offer ID: 21956, Payout: $24.00

• [MOB] DK – JackPot Blank V7.0 /US – CC Submit $9.90 [FB pixel via url], Offer ID: 21988, Payout: $32.00

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