New Asus Zenbook Offers

The new CC Submit offer, [MOB+WEB] DP – Asus Zenbook 14 OLED [FB pixel via url], will delight fans of the Sweepstakes category not only with its excellent payouts and FB Pixel via link but also with a wide selection of GEOs. Please welcome:

 Switzerland, Offer ID: 22020, Payout: $40.00

 Finland, Offer ID: 22029, Payout: $37.60

 France, Offer ID: 22024, Payout: $32.00

 Belgium, Offer ID: 22019, Payout: $25.60

 Italy, Offer ID: 22022, Payout: $19.20

 Spain, Offer ID: 22028, Payout: $18.40

 Lithuania, Offer ID: 22021, Payout: $16.00

 United Kingdom, Offer ID: 22023, Payout: $16.00

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