Learn how to raise almost $ 500 with an Adtrafico and MegaPush bundle.

Hi everybody!

Recently there’s been a lot of speculation about why desktop traffic is no longer the go-to traffic source, and some people are beginning to believe that real money can only be made on mobile devices.

Of course this isn’t the case, and we’ll show you how to do it in this case study provided by one of our affiliates. With just a PC and push notifications we’re confident you’ll be able to raise a tidy profit:

GEO: Poland
Ad Network: MegaPush
Affiliate Network: Adtrafico
Spent: $502
Revenue: $975
Profit: $472
ROI: 93.92%

I chose MegaPush because they have huge traffic reserves in European countries. I asked Adtrafico to rate good offers. Samsung Galaxy S10 was chosen, which is well represented in Poland.

Based on their good traffic and proven offer, three companies were set up with three different creatives:

[Image: xKHwZXn.jpg]

[Image: vGByudg.jpg]

[Image: VhExppX.jpg]

Going forward, I would say that the greatest result was achieved by push number 2. Here’s the screen from tracker:

[Image: POPnW0I.jpg]

The pre-landing used looked extremely simple, but achieved good penetration thanks to the gaming mechanics used.

[Image: 5ALUocw.jpg]

Before the final conclusions, here are screenshots from the personal accounts of Adtrafico and MegaPush, respectively.

[Image: TqNvEIS.jpg]

[Image: jIiuoul.jpg]

As you can see, I achieved a high level of conversion on Polish desktop traffic. This is first of all due to the fact that the number of notifications on the PC is much lower – each is rated as a special event. Of course, this method isn’t suited to all verticals, and not all geos work so well. However, with proper perseverance and testing, it’s realistically possible to find a good desktop bundle.
As a result, I made a profit of $ 474 and I think this experience is positive.

[Image: ttj6Wub.png][Image: ttj6Wub.png][Image: ttj6Wub.png]

We’d like to add that this case study is far from the only successful experience from our partners testing these new offers. At Adtrafico, you’ll find many offers with great conversion rates, and not just for Poland. Follow this case-study and you’ll see for yourself that with the right combination even the commonly overlooked GEOs can serve up excellent results.

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