New Apple Pack Offers

We understand due to its high popularity choosing only one Apple product to run your traffic to can be very difficult. Not to worry, we’ve got a solution – new Apple Pack offers from Mobile billing category with great rates for popular Pin Submit flow

New PlayStation 5 Offers

While the world is looking forward to PlayStation 5 release, we have already added new SOI offers with a chance to get this console 🙂 Just choose a geo and start running traffic to be among the first:

New Dating Offers

As you have learned from our last case, Dating is a profitable and highly demanded vertical for various types of traffic. Unfortunately, in some cases you have to spend a lot of money in order to find the right offer. But your search is now over as we have prepared some great new offers for you to try!

New Dell Xps Offer

The release of updated Dell Xps in 2020 is already a good reason to test new Sweepstakes offer. And when you find out that this is SOI-flow, you’d like to start right away 🙂 All you have to do is to choose geo:

New iPad Offer

“Wow, it’s a brand new iPad!” you’ll say and will be absolutely correct 🙂 But when you find out the rates of this CC Submit offer, you’d definitely like to test it:

New Mobile Billing Offers

When it’s hard to choose a vertical, we always suggest to pay attention to Mobile Billing. After all, it has literally everything and with excellent rates! Like our new offers:

New E-Downloader Offer

The new E-Downloader is a great opportunity to monetize installation traffic. One of the benefits of this CC Submit offer is the trial period, so no payment is expected from the user immediately after registration. This makes E-Downloader more attractive to the user, and contributes to its high CR. With this unique flow, this offer has good rates for a variety of GEOs

New Netflix Offers

What else can you do at home to have fun? Watch Netflix of course 🙂 That’s why our new SOI offers promoting a chance to win a one-year premium subscription to this popular streaming service have become more relevant than ever.

New Samsung S20 Offers

While sales of the latest smartphone from Samsung are worse than expected, Sweepstakes with this gadget are rising higher in our top. Doubt? Just try our new CC Submit offers with a wide choice of GEOs

New Mobile Billing Offers

New in this Friday: Mobile Billing! This universal category of offers is interesting, not only due to the huge variety of themes, but also due to the options to run these offers in countries that are often underserved.