Binom Trial & Discount

Still counting statistics manually? Why, if there is – one of the leading tracking solutions for media buyers, ranking second in the world in amounts of processed traffic.

Everything you need to know about Binom:

a license cost that does not depend to the amount of traffic you send;
handles millions of clicks per day;
click processing time is 7 ms under any server load;
the highest speed of report generating on the market;
group Campaign Reports;
large-scale automated updates every few months;
the fastest and most convenient user interface;
flexible multi-user system with different access rights;
the average response time of our support is 2 minutes.

What could be better? Only an additional bonus for partners could make it better: 30 day trial and 40% discount for the first monthwhen registering using this link.

The future has already arrived. Don’t miss a chance to profit by using all of the advantages of the tracker and forget about maintaining manual statistics forever!

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